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Xacto Mundo is an artist living and working in [fuckn] Cleveland, Ohio.

   I started making collage art many years ago with Elmer's glue, Kinko's copies, and Prismacolor pencils. Now, after a long time fiddling with digital collage and image manipulation, here come Generative Adversarial Networks presenting as an awesome new collaborator.

  The source images that I draw from, that speak to me, have not changed that much over the years. From microscope to telescope, cave handprints to machine learning, the same shapes and patterns weave themselves together into the same old stories on one gargantuan, recursive loop. In this forest floor of ever-blossoming majesty (and despair), we are just seedlings breaching the surface and stretching up toward the light, while under our dark soil its turtles all the way down, baby.                 


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